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Casual Underground is a high-tech creative laboratory which has been developing aesthetics of psychedelic minimalism for more than 10 years. The group creations don't mean for gallery views or special museum installations. The habitat is everyday reality where art presence is a compulsory condition indicated by audience requirements. Whatever it is photoworks, digital prints or musical tracks, Casual Underground work is first of all an unobtrusive story, based on sound and visual forms. This story doesn't mean to change the world but to expose new borders of own creative nature in viewers, omitting prism of ego.

Psychedelic minimalism, in Casual Underground interpretation, is a distinctive orientation of fractal art where the creation of art work is an intellectual process of visual space generation with the purpose for creating a unique key which opens the way to personal emotional experience of a viewer who owns a unique individuality of snowflake in never-ending evolving substances snowfall.


(c) 1997 - 2013 Casual Underground lab